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When you're doing a spiritual journey through meditation, the most important thing to remember is grounding. Our box comes with a lava rock chakra bracelet for this purpose. When dealing with your Kundalini energy flow and trying to purify negative energy, white sage will break down any lingering icky feelings. Use our pendulum to keep balance of your positive energies; amethyst geode and tourmaline raw rods can help make sense of anything foggy that might be going on in the mind; and last but not least - rose quartz works wonders for love, gentleness, compassion!


Inside the box:

Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet (Grounding)

7 Chakra Stones (Kundalini Energy Flow)

White Sage ( smudging to remove negative energies)

Pendulum ( Protection and Balance of Energy)

White Quartz Geode ( Purify Negative Energy)

Amethyst Geode (Calmness, Self Love)

Selenite Rod (Clarity of Mind, Crown Chakra)

Tourmaline Raw ( Grounding, Balance Chakras)

Rose Quartz Raw ( Love, Gentleness, Compassion)

Rose Quartz Stone ( Joy, Passion, Contentment)


Natural Stones

7 Chakra Healing Meditation Gift Box

SKU: CHM9090001


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